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Graydon is an elementary school student from San Antonio, and he’s training for a half marathon to raise money for clean water. Yes, you read that correctly… a half marathon!


Now, I’ve run a half marathon before, and it is no joke. The training process requires discipline, support and willpower. But Graydon is holding strong!

His main motivation? Through each physical challenge from training until the day of the race, he’s reminded of how he wants to make an impact on the 748 million people who lack access to clean water.

I asked Graydon’s family what their tip would be for like-minded campaigners. They said, “Nothing is ever too crazy. Pick a goal and never limit yourself and your purpose.”

Graydon, I’m also personally training for a half marathon this fall, and you’ve inspired me alongside our entire community to be intentional and push limits. Thank you and we’re all cheering for you!

Run Gray Run

From: San Antonio, TX


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