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11-year-old Herbie is my favorite violinist, and he’s about to become yours too.


I met Herbie after receiving a phone call from his mom who asked to visit our office so that Herbie could drop off a bag of donations. And that he did. He walked in with his blue violin case, a ziploc bag of $1,041, and the sweetest smile. We quickly toured the space and walked over to our accounting team to ensure the donations would be applied to his campaign page. He’s now raised a total of $2,658 since 2011, which will serve communities in Rwanda, Ethiopia and many more to come!

His fundraising tactic? Wooing the city of New York with his violin in front of the Apple Store.


Little did I know that Herbie has actually campaigned for us since he was 7 years and 10 months old. Going through our archives, we even found an old thank you video we sent to Herbie years ago. Clearly, we’ve been a long-time fan of this super-gifted friend of ours.

I asked Herbie why he decided to fundraise through all these years, and he told me that there was no way he couldn’t do something about it after learning about the water crisis. I then went on to ask him who his favorite composer is, and without hesitation, he said, “Bach!”

Herbie, we cherish your beautiful spirit! We can’t wait to see where your generosity and talents take you.

Herbie’s Music for Clean Water Campaign

From: NYC


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