Good Cause, because We are all ONE!

The main purpose of our website, is to bring together in one website as many as possible foundations that perform charity work. In our website you can find a lot of charity foundations, along with descriptions of their work and past actions, in order to choose the ones you want to support and donate to. We give the chance to organizations which help people, animals, science fields or protect the environmet, to get in touch with a wide audience and let them know their efforts and their needs. All charity actions, events and news that come to our hands are posted instantly on our webpage to spread the word and help people help those in need. All foundations promoted through our site are listed with their contact and/or billing information so that anyone who wants to contact or donate them can do it instantly through our pages.

We all live together in this world and it is our obligation to help each other, to make earth a better place to live. All together we can change the world, we can make a difference!

GoodCause Team


Dimitris Soumis

Web Developer, Initiator

Dimitris Soumis was born in 1990 in Kalamata of Greece and stayed there until 2008. Then he went in Athens to study computer science in the University of Piraeus, he graduated in 2013, and since then he works in web developing, web disigning and digital marketing areas. He got his guitar degree in 2009 and he has attended several computer science and musical seminars.
The social situation of our time lead him in developing the website "" in an effort to upgrade the quality of life in our society. He is also a member of the musical band called "Fetameriganoi" and a amateur photographer.




Christos Theodorou

Site Administrator

Christos Theodorou was born and grew up in Athens. He is graduate of the Computer Engineering & Informatics department of University of Patras. He loves the countryside life and has been living in Kalamata since 2015. His interests include the development of informatics applications at the disposal of the social services and solidarity.




Thanos Pappas

Web Designer, Author

Thanos Pappas was born in 1990 in Athens and raised in Kalamata. In 2013 he graduated from the Department of Products and Systems Desiging (Aegean University) and since then he has been dealing with desiging of products, vehicles of all kinds (Exarsis Transportation Design) and corporate identity (SET Corporate Design). In 2014 he excelled in the European competition of Fiat, by designing a vehicle for disabled people. Following the call from the initiator of "" he decided to be part of its team as he shares common beliefs. He is also chief editor at the website of "", member of the musical band "Fetameriganoi" and an amateur composer and photographer.




Eirini Tzavara

Designer, Tester

I am in the final year of my studies at the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering (university of the Aegean). My area of expertise is Human Centered Design and methods dealing with human problems from all the possible aspects. I have worked in the field of graphic and product design and now I participate in the user experience design team for both Cinesthesia and Eye's Walk Festival.


Our Mission

We want to help organizations which provide charity work and protect people, animals and the environment. Our goal is to make our world more united and upgrade the quality of life in our society.


Our Values

As an organization ourselves, we respect all forms of life, from the smallest bug and plant to the biggest tree and animal. Noone and nothing is unimportant to us!


Our Solution

The only way we can make earth a nicer place to live is to unite and help each other. If every single one of us put a little stone then together we can build a better world.


We Always Try to Create a Difference

We try to make this world a better place for everyone. You can be a part of our community!

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