• All Together We Can!

    Help people help

    Donate now to organizations which do charity work, you are just one click away!

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  • Murder is Murder!

    Animals do hurt

    All living creatures suffer, noone deserves pain and mistreatment. We all have our place in this world. Love animals, help animals!

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  • Planet Earth is our Home!

    Safe Planet Safe People

    Learn how to protect the environment and help the people who do. We all depend on it so don't turn your head away!

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  • Every Good Cause is Our Cause!

    Everyone in need matters to us

    If you have problems, charity work that you want to promote or you know someone in need, contact us, inform us about the situation and we will try to help you.

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  • 1 Philanthropy - People Care
  • 2 Animal Care and Protection
  • 3 Environment Protection
  • 4 Culture and Sports Sponsorship
  • 5 Diseases and Cure Research
  • 6 Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • 7 Drug/Alcohol Addiction
  • 8 Major Catastrophes - Natural Disasters
  • 9 Children Care and Protection
  • 10 Depression and Other Mental Diseases
  • Philanthropy - People Care

    Help Those Who Help

    Find in our website charity organizations which, for several years, have been helping people in need. Without you, their efforts will be much harder.

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  • Animal Care and Protection

    Animals Have Rights

    Here you can find information about organizations which actions focus on animal protection along with ways that you can assist them.

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  • Environment Protection

    Earth is Our Home

    Environmental protection concerns and affects us all. Learn how you can help in saving the environment and ensuring a better future for our planet.

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  • Culture and Sports Sponsorship

    Food for Soul

    Sports and Culture are synonyms for education, progress and freedom. Get informed about cultural and sport actions which you can take part in.

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  • Diseases and Cure Research

    Fight Diseases

    Cancer, HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis are just a few of the diseases which affect and kill millions of people every year. Help the fight against them.

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  • Abuse and Domestic Violence

    Problem is Right Beside Us

    Unfortunately use of violence, physical and pschycological, happens in daily bases against people who live next to us and are afraid to react. Act with us.

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  • Drug/Alcohol Addiction

    More than Death

    Cigarretes, alcohol, drugs cause addiction and intense change of behaviour, as much as health problems. People around us are sick and need our help to raise their head up again.

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  • Major Catastrophes - Natural Disasters

    Uncontroled Power

    Earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes are only some of the catastrophic powers that can be fatal for millions of people. We can be protected

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  • Children Care and Protection

    They Need Us

    There is nothing more beautiful and pure than the soul of the children. It is our obligation to protect children and the future of our world. Build a better future with us.

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  • Depression and Other Mental Diseases

    Brutal Pain

    Mental diseases are affecting more and more persons. The consequences of these mental diseases are powerfull the results are obvious.

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